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WREN with sincere service, dedicated attitude, for customers in the bolt tightening machine ultra-high pressure application field, to provide one after another better solution.

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Hangzhou WREN hydraulic equipment manufacture co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in long-term set hydraulic tool development, production and sales in one of the modern enterprise. Company products are widely sold to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other markets, and have for years, such as Germany's several imported hydraulic tool brand as an agent for the production of production experience and strength. Among them, my company main hydraulic wrench products are now as the world's one of the few production of hydraulic wrench series one of the most.



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Professional Manufacturer of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches in China

WREN company's products through the TuV company TuV certification, realized the hydraulic wrench large-scale production, the annual production capacity of 10000 sets, the following related product pictures are the company's actual products and real scene. diversified sales model, and launched a series of preferential measures to benefit to the general new old customers. At the same time, we now launch for your hydraulic wrench, hydraulic pump products regardless of brand, import or domestic, all can discount redemption WREN company produces the hydraulic wrench or hydraulic pump products, we promise to buy products for public destroyed, in order to completely solve many imported hydraulic wrench meet difficult maintenance, maintenance, maintenance cycle is long your problems.

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  • 2017


    We have established a strong global service network system
    We have established a strong global service network system, and in the Americas, Australia, and Europe to establish its own subsidiary

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